The Clear Horizons Wiki, also known as that damn website is a Wiki that is designed for us ECHS students that are blocked from Wikipedia, and pretty much every other website ever made that could possibly help us on our journey to actually pass college, but NO! They have to make it as hard for us as possible. So you know what? We won't let them. All the information you will need we will have stored in our database here at CHECHSpedia, also known as the Clear Horizons Wiki.

Getting Started Edit

Remember, <insert name here>, this is YOUR encyclopedia! You can put in it whatever you like, as long as it's not a stub or Vandalism, or completely pointless, I will allow it. So what are you waiting for? Contribute to the vast databank of knowledege we have to offer!

Rules Edit

Yes they suck, but everyone has them, so here they are:

  • No pointless spam.
  • No pointlessly debasing people in their articles, (not even Ms. Jenkins).
  • Put {{serious}} template for serious articles, and {{serious off}} for humor articles, so we can tell the difference!
  • Don't cuss for the sake of cussing. Seriously. Not cool.
  • Listen to the admins. Remember, I'm an admin!

Inspirations Edit

[1]- I have no idea who started it, but we deserve our own set of websites! [2]- Not the most up-to-date, but i can get Ultrasurf off of it without being blocked! [3]- the prototype Chechs Wiki,soon abandoned after I found this site.

Check out these links for cool features!

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