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Clear Horizons Early College High School is a program designed by Gale Ladelhoff and Kathleen Gandin to stress normal high school students out to the point that they feel 34 years older than they actually are. The program was started in 2004, and was first pitched to be an early college high school where students could get their Associates' Degree by making them take college courses that would count for high school credit. The School Board quickly rejected that idea, and Ms. Ladelhoff re-pitched it as an excuse to load the students up with homework at the most inoppurtune times. The board loved the idea, and the CHECHS was born!

Public View Edit

In the public eye, Clear Horizons is the best oppurtunity to come around since sliced bread. They constantly release videos and pictures that feature students with smiling faces, enjoying their work, and do interviews and surveys and lots of other lovely things. This is why the people love it. This is a trap to trick people into signing up.

They bribe schools and websites into giving them the highest rating possible, making everybody think that we love it here.

Student View Edit

Everybody hates it here, except for those few that the staff were able to brainwash into thinking that this was a great school. This is a lie.

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